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Are updates really needed?

The short answer to the question if updates are really needed, is; yes!

The long answer is that you always have to apply caution and understand the difference between an update and a upgrade.

Updates install bug fixes and security patches and they add support for drivers and newer hardware.

Make sure that you always keep programs and applications up-to-date that you know, like Windows, macOS, Office, Chrome, Safari, your virus scanner, Adobe, Java etc.

Especially with virus scanners it is very important to update its virus definitions database too, this will help with the detection of the latest viruses.


When a set of changes made to an application are significant and substantial enough, we can call it an upgrade. For example when you have a Mac and switch from Sierra to High Sierra, it would be called an upgrade.

An upgrade mostly includes important changes to the design and interface. And it usually has a variety of new features and options which are not in the previous version of an application or operating system. Also be aware that its size can go up to several gigabytes.

Famous is the free Windows 7 and 8.1 to Windows 10 upgrade. Firstly, when you decide to wipe your computer to reinstall your operating system you will lose Windows 10 and go back to the version you had before. And Microsoft does not offer this upgrade for free anymore.

We have had several computers come into our shop where the upgrade caused more harm than good. Always check if your main applications run on the new version of an operating system and ensure your computer has the the minimum hardware requirements before going ahead with an upgrade.

We are not saying that Windows 10 is a bad product. It is actually the way to go when you buy a new computer with it already on it. But it could cause problems when you do an upgrade on older systems.


Another example is your bookkeeping software. Updates to your current version are highly recommended, to maximise safety and security. But if you are used to the current layout and it does what it needs to do, then reconsider upgrades to complete new versions.

And to emphasise the importance of updates; Google recently introduced version 64 of their Chrome browser. Browsers are your gateway to the internet and their developers try to make your experience as pleasant as possible. One great new addition is the ability to mute an entire site (that auto-plays videos) by right clicking on the tab it is in, even if you are on another tab.

Google Chrome Mute site

If you are not sure if all your software is up-to-date or do not have enough internet data for major updates and upgrades, then do not hesitate to contact us today. We can also offer a full clean of your system, this will remove all viruses, spyware and malware and update your operating system and all the software specified by you.

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